Net Idol Dancer Makoron 【まころん】

Hi. Today I would like to introduce you all about a Net Idol Dancer which been called Makoron 【まころん】. She is an active dancer and have often update of Video of her dancing in NicoNico Douga Site.

Makoron keep wearing a Mask when filming her dance video since she always got sick when it’s time to dance…(ウソ!)

I had been watching her dance since last year’s December when I randomly searching through NicoNico Douga site for interesting video. At first I was thinking like this about Makoron :

Hmm.. This girl is quite cute… Oh! And I can see a flash of her Pantsu (Underwear) when she jumped on her dance!!!

Sometime she is fine and so she removed her mask ^^”

^^” Mostly men are Ecchi and so do I too. And so on I keep on checking on her new dance and found out that she is really nice and have great passion for her dance. So I continued to watch her dance every time she had an update.

And now here is how I think about Makoron:

Really is a beautiful girl with cute movement on her dance. Great passion for dance and Great model for girls which interested in dancing.

This is how she look up close. Definitely a Typical Ideal Girlfriend.

So from now on you will see her dance video uploaded here from time to time whenever she had a new dance. I will keep uploading her dance through this blog until I got a request from her to remove those video from this site.

Well then, here you go ^^:

P.S. : If you are confident about your Japanese, You can also read her Blog here.

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5 Responses to Net Idol Dancer Makoron 【まころん】

  1. Matteas says:

    Wow~ Nimble body, voluptuous movements, and cute face. As you’ve said, she really is an epitome of ideal girlfriend ^^

  2. DotA FanBoy says:

    I thought she was the same girl in this video I watched from sankakucomplex…

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Ha. It’s clear that they are different girl. The length of their hair and their measure of the body is different. I can see they have different eyes too ^^

  3. My brother advisable I’ll like that web site. Your dog was once completely suitable. This upload actually produced my own day. You should not picture just what sort of bunch time period I had created expended in this facts! Appreciate it!

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