Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA the Movie 1st

Yesterday morning I went to Shinjuku’s milano cinema to watch the famous animation Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA the movie 1st.

The Tokyu Milano Cinema.

Reached there at about 10.57 a.m. And it started at 11.00. Really rushed there and be able to enter before the show started.

Entrance of the Cinema.

This movie is the remake of the original 1st season of the anime which showed at 2004 year.

Bought the ticket a month ago during Winter Comiket. Costed 2000 yen while the ticket itself costed 1500 yen.

Personally felt great about the movie and felt nostalgic too. Be able to re-watch the transforming scenes of Nanoha and Fate. But one strange thing is that the audience are almost all male.^^

LOL. Each transformation during the anime version takes up to 1 minutes. ^^

This is the ticket where you need to show during entrance.

Goods ^^ Snapped with my iPhone.

After the movie, there is a section selling official goods like A4 files , phone straps and original CDs. The A4 files ticked my urge to buy and then I tried to line up. But soon give up when I saw that the line is so long that it goes up to 3rd floor… Like I said, Japanese liked to line up.^^”

This is the line… ^^ Up until 3rd floor.

Inside the cinema. This photo is taken after the show ended.

Rushed back home for practise session of harmonica with Toda-san and have to work at night. Really been busy.

P.S. :  Liked the new song of Nana Mizuki(水樹 奈々) and Yukari Tamura(田村ゆかり). Main song [Phantom Minds] and intro song [Don’t be long] by Nana Mizuki and Ending song [My Wish My Love] by Yukari Tamura.

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    you said u lost ur way finding cinema… then how you make it there?? lol…

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