My trip to IKEA Yokohama

Yesterday I had went for furniture hunting trip to IKEA located at Yokohama, Kanagawa(神奈川県横浜). It was my first time to IKEA although IKEA had it’s outlet back in Malaysia too.

Breakfast is some healthy Mc Donald’s Filet-O-Prawn. ^^

As you can see from my previous post about my move to Kanagawa area, My room have nothing except toilet and the washing basin. Really need a Desk for computer and writting. And a nice and comfortable chair…

Walked past this Statue of Guan Yin before I lost into the Jungle…

Planned to buy the table sell at the nearest Supermarket here but then Lester Ho keep telling me that I should go to IKEA since they got cheaper and more choices. Hmm… After some consideration I decided to give it a try.

It’s quite far away from my living place and take me about 1 and a half hour to reach the nearest station to IKEA Yokohama. Then I walked there although there are some FREE shuttle buses there. So I opened up my Pocket Wifi and using iPhone’s Google Map to guide me there… Then something funny is happening.

Suppose to reach there about 21 minutes. <— by Uncle Google~

Google Map lead me into the Jungle Area!!! Wow…. Getting lost following Google Map’s GPS. It’s the first time that Google Map is not accurate enough. After getting lost for about 30 minutes, Finally found my way out. It seemed like that Google Map didn’t have accurate GPS tracking some rural areas, which confused me that I’m having the wrong way.

Used the alternative route shown on the map and finally get myself out of the jungle. ^^ Uploaded the Videos too for those who are curious.

Ok… So I reached at the IKEA, it’s surprisingly BIG!!! It’s hard to see store so big in Japan since Japan’s land is very expensive. Go in and start to walk around looking for their show room. IKEA’s Show room are all very well designed and they have all the things you need for interior design. The price is acceptable for office worker but definitely not for a foreign student like me =.=


Walked around and used their order guide list. They have some paper for you to write down anything you decided to buy and the code on it so you can find the product you want easily from their HUGE STORE.

Bought an IKEA Work tools too.

After finished looking at all the showroom at the 2nd floor, you can have lunch or dinner at their restaurant located at the same floor too. The price for the foods is really cheap.

A Peek to the Restaurant.

Ordered the Pasta and Cakes with Drink Bar, Around 640 Yen~

The Very Delicious Chocolate Cake!!! 250 Yen

And the Not So Delicious Cheap pasta for 240 Yen

After finished the lunch there, I proceed to 1st floor of their market hall. Here is the place where they keep the actual product. 2nd floor only have show room and smaller product you can takes from, But for bigger product like tables and chair, you have to get them at 1st floor.

So this is their Warehouse for Store, Got about 30 X the sizes of this space shown in the Picture.

Me had bought lots of things included a Table for study, Chair, table for coffee times, book shelf… ETC.. spent around 30K Yen included the delivery fees of 5.4K Yen. The date of delivery must be 2 days after your day of purchase… think that is quite troublesome… I want my stuff as soon as the next day…

Also to show you how much things I bought.

The another smaller cart. ^^

Both of the cart are mine ^^”

Don’t know how other think of me, getting two cart and proceeding to the register. Ok…. Personally think IKEA is good since they have Large store and lots of Show room for you to get your idea for decorating your room/house. The price for bigger furniture might be pricey but the design is very well made.

Oh yeah, Just a notice that they didn’t help delivering product which is fragile like a mirror. Bought a wave-shaped mirror and end up have to bring it home with hand…. Painful. Just be careful when buying fragile product… Make sure you have a car with you.

Where do you usually buy your furniture from? IKEA? or some local Super Market?

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15 Responses to My trip to IKEA Yokohama

  1. Chinx2 says:

    Lol!! How daring of you to walk in a so called “jungle” by yourself a? Not dangerous meh? It seems like it is a garden or stadium-in-future that is under construction there la, not really look like a jungle… Next time take bus la, walk like that so dangerous…

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… How I know google is going to lead me to the so called “Jungle”. haha. Quite scared if snakes come out suddenly…Got lots of Bamboo though.

  2. lkeith89 says:

    lol… i still heard birds singing… really “ulu” lo… but at least you still can be able to reach the destination after you went thought the jungle ma… haha..

  3. k says:

    it’s always fun fixing things up after they arrive!

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  5. Ashwin Shah says:

    A good report. i am going to move to yokohama and his will help. would like to meet you

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