My second Tokyo CGM night

Today I went to my second Tokyo CGM night located at shibuya’s Cospa head office.

Spotted two girls from Da Capo Series once we entered the room.

Actually I didn’t know about this event until yesterday night. When I SMS Lester about University’s document and then he suddenly told me about it.

Miku’s World is Mine is still up for display today ^^

We firstly mistaken the location for this time’s CGM night and we went to Akihabara and found out that it’s not there. How lame we are=.= Then we finally arrived at the head office at around 8.30 p.m. (the event started at 7.30 p.m.) We missed the chance to eat dinner together with everybody and introduction about Cospa by Danny Choo. (Gosh! I missed his talk again!!)

Cute Mio.

Figma Mirai with the Ita-Bicycle.

But well, the event turned out to be really successful. They planned to limit to only 50 people but the event ended up having about 70+ people. It’s getting really hot there due to the overpacking with people.

Danny Choo.

Lots of Daughters to be capture today ^^

Once again we got to see Danny Choo’s Nanoha’s on Danny-Choo’s Uniform.

Today we got to see lots’s of cosplayer around the world.(err… Some of them is from outside of Japan) we got to see girls from Da Capo, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee from Macross frontier series, Mirai Haruka from Danny and much much more.

Oh No! I think I spotted Sheryl Nome!

I got to meet Chris Gaunt, Jonny Li, Danny Choo, Kurot-san and lots more too. ^^ It’s really good that I got to come to such a gathering of great people around. Also see some Famous Japanese Cosplayer like Kaname and Leon.

Trying to take this back with me but failed….

Can I have a bite please? ^^”

Actually This is only the second time I going to CGM Night and I don’t really know what to do with so many people around doing talking…. But luckily, a girl suddenly talk with me and then I started to get blent into the atmosphere and continue to talk on with lots of other people afterward.

Nagisa Tachibana, who is the first one to talk to me while I’m idling around the room… ^^

The Japanese reffered [Self Customized Character] as [Original Characterオリジナル キャラクター]. Didn’t understand it when first heard it from them.

De-culture = Moe? Sheryl and Ranka is gorgeous !!

We also have male cosplayer from Kingdom Heart and some are cosplayer for Final Fantasy series.^^ Cool!!

From the Left, Ruka Lee(Taiwan), 木野瀬 友人(who working at Nico Nico Douga), Original Character(She didn’t have a Namecard to hand out so didn’t really know who she is ^^), and Mics (みっくす)

Nyan-Nyan Nyan-Nyan Ni Hao Nyan~ ^^

Loved those Two.

Can’t stop myself from keep pressing the shutter~~~

And yeah, you got to see Me again, with 木野瀬 友人.

Lester(My Senpai) and Chris Gaunt.

Didn’t forgot to take a photos of the “Kira~☆” Pose.

With the laughter and chit chat, we managed to pass the time until 10.00 p.m. The event suppose to ended at 9.30 p.m. ^^ And so the organizer have no idea but to let Danny out and trying to persuade us to leave ^^

Danny: ” All those Daughters had been tired standing all day ^^”

Danny:” I will eat this Mic if all of you didn’t go back NOW!!!” (Jokes)

This time I really got to know lots of people especially those Cosplayer from Japan. It also quite special that only me and Lester are still student. The other participant are mostly businessman. It’s really good to be able to talking with people who are older/experienced than you.

The only things I not satisfy about is that the Indian Food Buffet with only Yellow rice, Curry and a piece of Chicken Meat for 2000 Yen is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE… LOL ^^ Could we get better food next time, Danny?

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5 Responses to My second Tokyo CGM night

  1. chun says:

    aw! nice coverage ^^ and I would think due to the extra 20 people included there would be a bit less food, but you know the experience to meet all these cool people and dollfies…. and visit the cospa office omg!

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Yeap. known the cause of the lacking of food ^^
      Yeah. It’s my first time to really talk with those awesome people around.

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  4. wisata eropa says:

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    time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

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