My JLPT 3’s result

Doesn’t mean to be keep hiding my own result until now but it’s just that I am quite busy with my own Japanese class everyday now and have no time to do the scan for my result.


Total mark of 352/400

I lost 48 mark in total. I think it’s resonable since I didn’t do the revision until 2 days before the exam. Lost 9 mark in Writting-Vocabulary. Guess I have 2 mistake in the question. Then I’m surprised too to see that I’m getting 満点(full mark) at my Listening test. I remember I almost slept during the test for 2 of the question due to Cold Air-conditioner and Silent surrounding. While for the Reading-Grammar is my worst field. Can’t score at all if you totally didn’t study the language.

After looked at my result, I can’t deny that watching anime, reading akiba-blogs and playing Japanese games does really improved my japanese especially in vocabulary and listening. Besides that, I have been following (which once know as Iknow!) to study japanese words since last month.

Lastly, the official certification from Japan(I scanned it in Black and white version.):


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