My Freeline Skate!

I just won this Freeline Skate from Yahoo Auction Japan 2 days ago and It reached me today ^^ Liked their speed in sending things.

Thanks Sagawa Transport for sending it. ^^

The Freeline Skate actually is going to cost you 15K Yen average from Amazon or Ebay. But I was lucky enough to found out auction at Yahoo for the Brand New Freeline Skate. The Auction price started at 1 Yen and I won the bid at 4.8K yen.

The Box after opened up the wrappers

A peek inside the box.

Was really excited the moment I received it today at 5.47 p.m. Rushed over to Oone Park’s X-games Sport field to try out the new Skate. Practised about an hour there and still can’t get myself skating it well yet. ^^”

L and R of the Freeline Skate and a tool to fix the tyres.

Oone Park. It’s getting quite dark but still I’m going there to practice.

Well, Doesn’t expected me to be able to skate it in the first try. Will continue on practicing and wish I can skate it without having to stop down again soon ^^

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16 Responses to My Freeline Skate!

  1. Lester Ho says:

    Wow! that’s cheap.

  2. lkeith89 says:

    haha.. congratulation on your skate board… got wear safety helmet, arm, leg???

  3. Miranda says:

    Sweet~!! D8 Go skate man! =D BTW Imma off to Japan next year. The date is fixed on 3rd April I think._. So so excited XD My friends even started a countdown =3

  4. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Hehe. Congratulation ^^

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