Moved to Kanagawa

It had been a long time since I write a post now. Just to let you all know that I had moved to my new Apartment beside my University, Tokai University which I will be start attending since this April.

The look of my room where I just moved in.

So this post will be a post about my new apartment. I found this Apartment throught Rikuou center (陸王不動産). My Apartment was about 19.8 m^2 and it got it’s own Toilet and Kitchen. And guess what, It’s rental fees is just 27K Yen monthly including the use of water.

The door and the kitchen at the left hand side.

My Last room at ABK Language center took me 50K Yen monthly included electric bill and internet. But the size of the room is horrible, I feel like I’m being trapped in a jail….

A view from my window.

Another good things of my current apartment is that I can go to my University by walking about 1 minutes. ^^ No worry about late for school (In the other way, No excuse for being late ….).

Oshiire (押入れ) which mean push inside by direct translate. It mean a place for you to put your things into.

As you can see from the photos, They only provided me the room and it had nothing more… I might need to buy a table and chairs too depend on my need. Currently using my Laptop upside of a boxes of books.

Another view for my room, That big mattress is called Futon (布団) most Japanese used to sleep with.

My laptop at yesterday night… on the floor and my back pain… so I put it at the top of my box of books.

Lastly, It’s a video to let you take a peek at my room, I recorded it using my Iphone and the annotation is in Hokkien (Taiwan Language). My main reason to take the video is to show my Mom but since you all are here… Take a look too ^^

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13 Responses to Moved to Kanagawa

  1. CLF says:

    the sleeping room looks like Yamabuki here!
    I shall take similar pics or vids after I move in tomorrow. 😛

  2. lkeith89 says:

    The room is quite big lo… are you staying there alone?
    – I saw the National air conditional,(Malaysia Brand)
    – seems that you only have little stuff there..
    – should show the toilet also ma… haha…
    -now i watch the video only, havent hear the sound, since i am in lab, the computer no speaker, try to download it and listen at hostel lo.
    -Happy moving to new house, remember to sent me the address as well. thanks

  3. k says:

    what will you be studying at tokai university?

  4. lkeith89 says:

    lol.. watched your video once again with sound, quite big lo i think, you will have very much privacy for urself. Since you have your own toilet, maybe you can wash your shoe inside it lo.. haha…

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  6. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    > lKeith89
    Where got… swt

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