Motorbikes in Japan

Most of you must know that Japan got lots of manufacture producing Motorbikes. The famous motorbikes manufacture included Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki…etc

When I still in Malaysia, I used to drive the Honda EX5 which is quite big. Now then I had reached Japan, I found out an interesting Fact. I didn’t found any EX5 motorbikes here but instead, We see Lots of Mini-scooter all around the town.

Mini-scooter where you see all around the town~

This kind of Mini-scooter is really famous in Malaysia for females as it’s Mini, Light weighed and you can drive it even you are wearing skirt~

By the way, it’s still another kind of Motorbikes exist in Japan, which is the Hardcore Terminator/Kamen Rider type of HUGE Motorbikes~

The Suzuki HUGE Bike~

In Japan, it’s either Super-Mini sized Bike or Over-Sized Bike… Which do you prefer? ^^ I still prefer the medium sized bike like my EX5. Not really so hardcore into Bikes ^^”

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12 Responses to Motorbikes in Japan

  1. CLF says:

    somehow I still prefer 4 wheelers to 2 wheelers hah (except for jitensha).

    anyway love the feeling of riding the bike and moving at at speed a normal bicycle couldn’t reach lol.

  2. Lester Ho says:

    Same with CLF. I’m not interested in Motorbikes anyway but Instead my study course for my future job field will concerntrate on 4 wheels since I’m on motorsport course. ^^;;

  3. Danielle Lim says:

    anyway I don’t know how to ride a motorbike..
    I’m not interesting in motorbikes too.

  4. lkeith89 says:

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  5. Tempter says:

    Hello Mr.Kesenaitsumi.

    I’m YUNA at Tokyo CGM Night.
    Sorry to contact too late.
    I enjoyed very nice event and after KARAOKE.

    I ride the motorbike of 400cc.
    I love SUZUKI!!
    My handle name is my bike’s name.

    I want to sent you mail.
    Because English is unskilled,
    may I send it in Japanese?^^;

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      なにか連絡する方法を教えてくれませんか?また一緒に遊びたいので ^^

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