Melissa’s Birthday

27 August was our friend, Melissa’s birthday. She is one of the girl which come to Study in Japan together with me.

Melissa's cake

The birthday cake, which cost about 3800 yen.

On her birthday, we buy her a cake, went to sing karaoke, and ate Tabehoudai(Eat all you can) courses in Harajuku.

Birthday ice

Since we are all poor overseas students, we can’t afford to buy her any present and have to give her this Birthday Ice Cream. ^^

Face with cakes

This is what you get when try to bite the candles from the cakes. ^^”

Xhiao Ying

Hsiao Ying and Melissa passing Strawberry.

We first went to eat tabehoudai at Haranuku. Then we back to our dorm and have the birthday cake cutted. After that we had drank some beers and decided to go for Karaoke. We depart for the karaoke session which can sing from 11.00p.m. till the next day’s 5.00 a.m. for just 980 yen each person. ^^

It was a fun day, but quite tired since we all have school the other days… I just get 2 hours of sleep that day….

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  1. Rin says:

    u vry enjoy life..syok la u

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