Maid cafe schatzkiste

I went to the traditional maid cafe near Akihabara last week. The cafe’s name is called Schatzkiste(which meant “A Tressure Box” in German).


Image from their Website.

I hardly go to any Maid cafe before but when I heard about this maid cafe, it does give me a feel that I might find some leisure time there.

I first heard about the cafe’s name from Julie Watai. She mentioned that the atmosphere of the cafe is really nice and so I looked into their site.

The atmosphere there is really nice. They have the traditional western feel on the setting.


The fee is 500 Yen per 30 minutes. You can also ordering special made herb tea/ cookies/ cakes which cost around 300 Yen to 500 yen each. If you are really hungry, you can even order pasta/ soup.

People usually spent their time there leisurely reading books/ Doujinshi or talking with the maids there. Though the maids are not available all the time, I still managed to have some nice chat with them.


The design of their tea cup is cute.


I really like the design of their tea cup. Too bad those are not for sale. ^.^

There is also board game to play. Although you can’t play against the maids, they will explain the rule to you if you and your friend are interested.

I also found an epic Manga there! Cardcaptor Sakura!!! One of my Favourite work since primary school!


Overall my first experience there is really nice. I spend about 50 mins there drinking red tea and reading the 4 panel manga produced by one of the head-maid there.


Think I will visit there once every month for some relaxing time there from time to time.^.^

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