Lunch, Sakura Trees, Birds and Fat Cat on Japan.

Getting too poor recently to even eat at outside. So often cook fried rice to eat during lunch. While sometimes just Microwave some Tonkatsu(Pork Hamburger) to eat together with the rice.

Rice with egg and Microwaved Tonkatsu


Fried rice with lots of Sausages


It’s almost the time for the sakura to wither. The trees are getting greener and less pinky.

Another thing I like about Japan is that the birds here does not scare of people at all. The birds will fly near you and try to look cute on you to make you feel ” Wow How cute is this bird. Let’s give it some foods”. And so to have it’s lunch solved.


This photo taken when I’m having Mc Pork at somewhere near my school.

And then here is the Fat cat which often appeared around my school area. It seemed like someone is constantly feeding it exceeded food to cause this obesity on it.


Sleepy Fat Cat.

In Japan, Cats didn’t get much attention than Dogs. Dogs in Japan are very blessed. Taking a Pet at Japan will cost you an Arm or a kidney. It’s damned expensive to keeping a pet. I often see some rich japanese taking their dog out for Show out how rich they are a walk and all those dog are very beautiful and cute. Will take some photos of the dogs next time to show you.

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10 Responses to Lunch, Sakura Trees, Birds and Fat Cat on Japan.

  1. lkeith89 says:

    Your fried rice got use Ajinomoto or not?

  2. yinx92 says:

    cat also cute arr…
    so kesian they did get much attention…

  3. xiawyeong311 says:

    having too much mc pork may cause u in obesity problem like that fat cat…haha

  4. xin says:

    wah.. so nice to see sakura~~
    i wanna see too~ =p’
    enjoy each n every day o~

  5. eewen says:

    nice!! i want go! haha…been awhile didn’t chat dy…T.T miss you *ah gal* ^^

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