Lunch at Tokyo [4]

Seemed like I had been eating outside a lots recently… This time it’s a Chinese Restaurant at Hon-Atsugi (本厚木). Didn’t take photos of the entrance so no pictures of entrance for you this time…

This is what I ordered. 上海風酢豚(Shang Hai Flavor Vinegar Pork) Set lunch. Costed 780Yen.

The amount of the food here is really large and can hardly finished it all. I personally think Chinese food is very strong in flavor than Japanese food.. Hmm…Maybe it’s because I had been eating japanese foods recently?

While my Friend, Toda-san (戸田さん) ordered ニラレバ(Chinese Chive and Liver). Costed 780 Yen too.

We ate there during our trip to the Atsugi Harmonica Concert.For your info, Japanese called Chinese foods 中華料理 (Chuka Ryouri). So next time when you are asked by your Japanese friends about what you like to eat and if you cannot had Sushi, You can say Chuka Ryouri ga Iidesu(Chinese food is fine with me ^^”).

Nothing much to say here. ^^ See you next time.

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    tashikani… chinese foods is more heavy flavored than others. Chinese food is famous with its MSG (Ajinomoto), hot… and …..
    but not all lo. haha

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