Lunch at Tokyo [3]

3rd post of Lunch at Tokyo. I had went to had Indian food with two of my friend from my Japanese Language  School yesterday afternoon. Just as someones already know, I had my Personal Presentation with the tittle “Blog” at my Japanese language school and had quite the good respond from my audiences. So I feel quite happy and went out for outside foods once in a while.

The entrance of the shop.

Went to the Shop called Shanti near Sugamo station(巣鴨駅). This is my first time in my life that I had my lunch at an Indian restaurant. Thanks Yau and Su Li for bringing me there.

The atmosphere there is very calming and nice. Liked their decoration.

We went there during lunch hour(which is from 11.00 till 3.00p.m.) and got salad and soft drinks for free. Going by 3 people meant that you got to see more type of foods from that shop.

Su Li and her Mild Chicken Curry Set with Cheese Nan. Costed 850 Yen.

We ordered the Mild Chicken Curry Set and 2 X Lamb Curry Set (This one is very spicy). While for the main dish, you can either choose between Rice or Nan(Kind of Roti Canai-like bread). For the Nan, I ordered Regular Nan and Su Li ordered the Cheese Nan, while Yau ordered BIG NAN.

Me with my Tandoori Curry set costed 980 Yen.

One things what surprised me that day is that the size of the BIG NAN. It’s really BIIIIG.

See, the Nan is even bigger than Yau’s Head. About 3 X of a regular Nan. The Lamb Curry set with Big Nan Costed 850 Yen.

The curry there is really delicious and very Original. Really tasted like Indian curry. Curry in Japan is normally sweet but the curry of this shop really keep on their original tasted from Indian. If you are searching for good curry shop, I think Shanti is a good Choice for you. ^^

P.S. : Really been busy until yesterday preparing things for Personal Presentation. Sorry for the late update of the site and I still Own you all the post of me going to Winter Comiket at Odaiba last year end…. Will try to adjust everything back soon. ^^”

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