Lunch at Tokyo [2]

The second post of lunch in Tokyo. It’s not a special day today but just that I feel like eating outside once in a while.

It’s sunny out there and you can see lots of people lining up just to go in to have their Ramen.

Today shop is Sengoku Jiman Ramen(千石自慢らーめん). I think I had posted about it once before I started the “lunch at Tokyo” post.

Tasted Damn Great!

Ordered a Syouyu Buta Hone(醤油豚骨) today which costed 600 yen.

Compared to last time. I see more staff are recruited. Last time I only saw 2 person working. Maybe it’s lunch hour now?

Tasted really good and heading home playing some harmonica…

Can still see people lining up even after I ate it and heading home… LOL

Still have a video and 3 post on my waiting list to complete… Please look forward to my new Harmonica video soon ^^

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    seems that i am first again… actually i wanted to reply this post few days ago, but That time i suddenly disconnected.

    If got lunch at tokyo 1,2, means got more right?

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