Learning Japanese Through IKnow!

After been reading Danny Choo’s site, I found out that the site is very informative and it does bring great fortune for every reader of knowledges. He even bring me to a great advertisement-less learning Japanese site named IKnow!

Through his recent post about a gathering for bloggers, YouTubers, and folks in IT and related industries (media and creative), he had introduced lots of great people in Japan. All from big Company or What What CEO of this or CEO of that or Director of XXX…

iknow.co.jp CEO Andrew.

It just happened by that I am interested in this photos and read the link below it at Danny’s site, then I click at it, I found out that You can Actually Learn Language at IKnow.co.jp

For now you can learn between Japanese, English and Chinese Courses in your favorite language.

So I Registered myself and start learning from Basic Level(through I’m already passed Level 3 in JLPT last year…). I wish to revise myself for what I have learned.

Take a Look at My Page. I had studied 178 words, completed 20 Dictation in the past 2 days.

The benefit Iknow offer you is that the course is easy to understand(as long as you can read Hiragana and Katagana), then it got native speaker to read the words for you. So you learned to listen to the word while learn to memorize it.

Well, Enough talking, Just Try it out~ IKnow!

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