Last Harmonica Activity in CLB

Last saturday was the Last Harmonica Activity in my secondary school, Chung Ling Butterworth.

By using this last activity, I helped them finished up a song for the cultural night at July and another for Camp in PCGHS(Penang Chinese Girl High School). The two song I finished teaching them are Can Can and Doremi medley.

I has been teaching my school’s Harmonica Band for 1 years now. Getting Coach fees monthly for my study fees in Japan. Thinking all those life back now was really nostalgic.

By becoming the coach of my school’s Harmonica Band, I tasted lots of “First Experience of”:

  1. First Experience of being called “coach”(教练in chinese)
  2. First Experience of learning to organize the whole activity
  3. First Experience of trying to know all the member
  4. First Experience of teaching an ensemble
  5. First Experience of holding a baton
  6. First Experience of being a conductor(指揮者なれた。はい!千秋と同じ。^^) Like Chiaki-senpai ^^
  7. First Experience of being treated a cake for my farewell
  8. First Experience of being rush by teacher to finish off all the task
  9. First Experience of being laughed by my friends ” wah.. You are coach ah?”
  10. First Experience of being respected by my friends ” wah.. You are coach ah?”

LOL… Guess it has really been a good experience for me. And at the last activity, we together with all the members took this following pictures. Thanks all guys. for spending the precious 1 year time with me. And for trusting my conducting all the time, paying attention for what I have to said. Thank you all.^^


It was fun Guys. ^^


Check out the Lion at my Head…they said my hair look like the lion with the name of “alex”(not sure..maybe from Madagascar??)

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