Last Dinner with friends in Penang

Last sunday I go out with my friends for my last out going activity. After that day, I will force myself to stay at home everyday to complete the Video files I promised last year.

Spotted Danny Choo at Queensbay Mall. ^^

*Warning for narrowband user. Tons of images after this…

At morning we go and take my Glasses from Focus Point at Queensbay Mall and Have lunch at Japin. Didn’t take pictures that time but spot a beautifull girl at the shop.^^


We Found a Nice, Clean, Beautiful Toilet at 3rd floor, just upside of the Japin. It’s very secret and even the map didn’t mark it.

Then we head back to Aeon at Bukit Mertajam to play Taiko Drum Master. Played few songs like : Super Mario Medley, Hare Hare Yukai and Go My Way. All in Hard mode and the play make my hand become bullate… まあいいっか。

Then go to Megamall Penang(or so called Pacific) to play Time Crisis 4. Finished it up with 2 credits(5 life used) and played few rounds of Para Para Paradise with Tony. Then head back home to get changed.

And then Night is what the fun begin. Have Dinner with Chun Hin, Jen Wong(aka Kun Kun), Mun Pheng, Mummy , Chin Hsien and Tony-kun. We had our dinner at Breeks.

* Caution, Delicious Foods Below!!


Jen Wong, Chun Hin and me.


Mun Pheng, Chin Hsien and Tony.


Me and Mummy. That made up all the people that night.


Chin Hsien Ordered this. Look Yummy, Costed Rm 14.59


Me Ordered this Dory with Pasta. Costed RM 19.90


Chun Hin’s Food. Half chicken with Potatoes, Rm 25.90 My treat.

Mummy Only ordered this Lemon Juice…


Sudden Snap had scared Mun Pheng!! See her eyes!


Hehe, Jokes, Smile~~~


Me don’t like Veggetable….


Played too much Dota recently and this pose make me think of Sange and yasha….


Don’t order chicken at western restaurant if you don’t want to follow his mistake… Or you prefer using your hand?

Haha.. After all those food, the dessert we ordered arrived. We ordered this so called “Massive Attack” which the waitress say it is for 4 persons. But see what we got?!:


It was HUGE! Costed RM 24.90


The compare ratio with the spoon at left side which is 15 Centimeter long.


View from the upside.


Mun Pheng liked it very much. ^^


I drink 2(from Yakult’s advertisement…)


This Cup weighted 35 KG and the Ice Cream weighted 84 KG. Mummy seemed can’t life it up with single hand.


Daughter and Mummy.


Couple’s Cheers. ^^


Me can’t lose to the couple cheers. ^^ wedding drinks.


Ok… We actually finished it… I wonder the potion is really for 4 persons…. We have 7 persons but hardly can finish it…

Yeah!! I’m in US!!!  haha… Saw some of the waitress laughed…

It is getting late after the dinner so we decided to take a last photos before we going back. We can’t decide where to take the photos so wasted lots of times. Finally decided to take the photo in front of G-Hotel.



That day is really fun and we ate lots of delicious food in Penang. This is probably the last time I spent my money on delicious foods in Penang.

*update: Video in progress, 30% finished.

Kun Kun Please right click and Save as.  Pictures

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10 Responses to Last Dinner with friends in Penang

  1. Jennifer says:

    Unbelievable~ Well, that’s just part of all the fun, haha~
    Anyway, it was totally an enjoyable evening with u guys…
    Hope can see you soon after you go to Japan…
    Really will miss you…

  2. Kesenaitsumi says:

    Haha.. I will be missing you all too. Will try to keep update with penang’s harmonica activities if I can ^^

  3. mpheng89 says:

    haha, very good day..happy everyone!!

  4. Kesenaitsumi says:

    Haha… True. ^^ thanks for hanging out.

  5. Xin says:

    enjoy ur days in japan~

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