Last day at Malaysia

It’s already 2.53 a.m. at Malaysia and I still haven’t sleep. I will be taking my journey to Penang Airport at 4.00 a.m. and will fly over to thailand at 8.30 a.m.

The reason I still haven’t sleep? Too excited can’t sleep? Nar… Nope… Actually I has been rushing the competition’s video from last year. 2008 Harmonica Music Festival, A very busy event. Been doing the video since 3 days ago and I can say it out loud that It’s a great progress. All the work are in calculation except the converting time needed.

I miscalculated the converting time for the video and so I cannot sleep just yet till now. I never imaginated that it will take up to 3 hours just to convert 1 hours-time’s DVD movie…. Too bad for all the penang harmonica players, but I just managed to finish off all the competition part of the video. The seminar, 1st night concert and winner concert will be continue on Japan.

Actually I has done all the editing jobs and there are just converting time I lack of. Learned a lesson that ones must not always keep his/her work at last minute.

Decided to extract all the “Last Minute”-ness from my body.

It will be my last few hours in my house. Still working out with my luggage and will take a little nap before my going.

Good Luck to me.

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