KFC in Japan

Today I went and try out the KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Japan. Heard that the KFC in Japan is really awful from lots of malaysian but never tried one before.

Hot Chicken Pie & Chicken Set costed 690 Yen.

On my way of seaching for Tokyu Milano Cinema at Shinjuku(新宿), I lost and missed the time to watch the movie Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie. So I decided to have my dinner first before continue on searching for the cinema.

Chicken Drumstick is rather…. Small compared to Malaysia.

The taste of the chicken REALLY not so great as in Malaysia. I can’t feel any taste in the inner part of the meat. The outside of part of the meat also not so crunchy as in Malaysia. Japan Failed at providing good chicken I think…

This is the Chicken Hot Pie…. It mentioned that only sale on Winter…

This is how it look like inside. Like a bread but I think it tasted like kind of biscuit in Malaysia.

You need to stick your spoon into it like this.

And make a hole here and eat it. Quite funny.

This is how it look like inside… Well, the soup inside it is tasty, but not the bread outside….

In a conclusion, I don’t think I will never go for another bite in KFC in Japan except there is particular reason. Had have enough of the taste and think I would better eat the one in Malaysia.

Hint for friends in Penang : I wanna eat KFC when I go back this coming august…

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10 Responses to KFC in Japan

  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol.. ok, next time you come home i belanja u makan KFC lo… haha, thats our Krisnasamy always say…
    actually, i eat quite a numbered of KFC here… suddenly think that i am so lucky.. haha..

  2. lkeith89 says:

    erm… coming back this August???
    i might be at home that time o that time. haha

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