Jubeat Ripples

Had been playing the arcade machine called Jubeat Since I’m coming over to Japan. I’t somewhat like music game but different from O2jam and Djmax or Audition, It use the Touch Panel of 4 X 4 to play the game. When the note appeared on the screen of the touch panel, you just touch the panel and you get score.

And then 3 days ago, when I’m heading over for some games again at Akihabara, I found this:


Jubeat has been Renewed!! More new songs to play now.


And THANKS to the renewal, now it cost you 200 Yen to play each round…. (CRY). Damn Japan. Didn’t even think twice when it comes to earning our money….

Played few round and found out lots of improvements. The battle screen is more beautifull now, and you can earn more Notes and Display name now. Beside, I noticed a new song which is Chinese’s New Years Song! It’s in Cantonese language and full of Lyrics like “恭喜你” LOL.

Below is some play video of the previous Jubeat Version:

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