Jubeat Arcade Machine

Last sunday I went to Akihabara for some gaming experience since it has been quite a long time from my last visit there. For myself, I personally liked this Arcade machine called Jubeat by Konami. The machine got produced at 2008 and was a real hit in Japan at the time.

It’s a new Music Game by Konami which produced lots of popular games like Dance Dance Revolution , Drum Mania, Guitar Mania, and Para Para Paradise. I didn’t take much photos since it’s dark inside the gaming center. Instead, I took this video to show you all how the game work.

The first guy is not really good at this machine. I can play better than him. But the second guy on the video (at around 3:24) is really good on it. Wish I can be like him someday.

I also bought the e-AMUSEMENT PASS by Konami which will let you save your gaming’s progress into the card and show you your online ranking overall in Japan.



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4 Responses to Jubeat Arcade Machine

  1. 楷森 says:

    i am khai sheng la。。楷森,not same year,is totally same year and we know each other..@@

  2. Alphaeus says:

    hahas the second wasn’t really gd.. but you can consider him gd i guess

  3. Hello,
    can you please give me advise, where Konami jubeat machines are?
    Going next week to akihabara for yoyo cahmpionship and wanna try jubeat in real, not on ipad like past year.
    Thank you very much, Peter

    • YOHarmonica says:

      Jubeat machines are available on almost every game centre in Tokyo!

      Oh no! I might passed by you during the Yoyo championship!

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