Japanese Yen

Yesterday go exchanged Japanese Yen to bring over to Japan. Go to carefour’s money changer. The rate that day is 3.85(which is, RM 1 = 25.xx yen).


This is the 1,000 Yen.

I got 65,000 Yen by exchanging RM 2500. Which mean, 6 X 10,000 Yen and 5 X 1,000 Yen. And then when I back to home. I decided to post up the money in my blog and so I started up my scanner…

At first, scanned that 1,000 Yen money which as you see above. Then I started to scan the 10,000 Yen money. But….

Don’t know why the scanner showed ERROR and cannot continue to scan the money. No matter what I try the scanner just refused to scan for me…. I try cover half of the 10,000 yen money with white paper…but it just won’t scan…

I feel so mystery. How come a scanner refuse to scan a money?? HMM…Never tried out Ringgit Malaysia… Anyone tried before?


Back side of the 1,000 Yen.

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