Japan Scenes 1 A train so empty

Few weeks ago when I’m departing to the Harmonica Camp at Saitama, I went through some area where there is very few people.

This is the first time I’m in a train so empty which seemed that the whole carnage is mine. ^^

This is during 1.30 p.m. Should be the time where everyone start going out but it’s very empty here.

If this is Malaysia, I would sleep on the seat now. LOL.

Planned to start this “Japan Scene” series to show you all scenes from all over Japan. For that I’ll be staying at Japan for University for the coming 4 years or more I’m sure I can blog more on this Category. ^^

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16 Responses to Japan Scenes 1 A train so empty

  1. CLF says:

    should make full use of ur iPhone to make such entries! 😀

  2. Calvin says:

    Such scene is almost impossible to be spotted in Tokyo, unless you go to smaller towns.
    Used to this kind of scene when I was back in Nagaoka.
    And why didn’t you just sleep on the seats?
    I would do so in such situation xD

  3. Smurt93 says:

    why only can sleep if this is Malaysia?

  4. Smurt93 says:

    i curious are u wearing an earphone while walking at the street?

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