Japan Earthquake 3/11 “Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE”

“Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE!”

Good day to everyone who is reading this post now. I’m a foreign student from Malaysia who is currently study abroad at Kanagawa, Japan. I’ll be entering my 2nd year in my University this coming april. But, at 11th March, A strong quake struke Japan.

Song recommended when reading this post. “Ark” by Sound Horizon

It was confirmed to be a magnitude 9.0 quake in Iwate(岩手) there. It caused BIG Tsunami and it swayed many people’s house, cars, and even ships! Until today, more than 6,500 people had found death at Tohoku Chihou(東北地方). And now people still evacuating and need our helps now.

Peoples in Akihabara right after the strong quake at 11th March.

But then, what about people in Tokyo? What about the people at Kansai(west side of Japan)? There is totally no damage to the Kansai Area. And not much to Tokyo too. I dare to say this because I had been watching NHK news since 11th of March. I keep on updating myself with news and tweets and media blogs. Tokyo is now functioning well and things we need to worry for now is food shortage(due to people buying too much to store), and electric shortage( which caused train moving less than normal).

Everyong is standing in the middle of the road to avoid things fall down from building. Yeah, They didn’ t run in chaos as you see in some Dissaster movies.

“But they said the Nuclear Reactor is blowing up!!! ”

Yes, THEY SAID. Who is that “THEY” I’m asking you… Many media has been exagerating the news just to sell their newspaper, getting page counts on their blogs, making fools out of Japan?, or they just simple believe what they heard from other “THEY”.

Ok, I’m  summed up the Nuclear Reactor things for you guys. The many explode till now is all caused by the HYDROGEN GASSES used to cool down the reactor. It’s very tecnical things so I won’t be explaining why the Hydrogen gasses is exploded. The gasses exploded and not the Reactor itself! The radioation leakage is simple caused by Steams released by the reactor, or the USED radiotion fuels.

The nearby Supermarket had rice all sold out(2 days after the quake).

The Nuclear Reactor has been built after considering all the situation might happen to the reactor itself. They not just have Double Safety Protection, But TRIPLE. But sadly the earthquake which struke Japan at 11th March is too strong that it reduced all the Safety Protection malfuntioned.

And the cup noodles section, although better, is also almost sold out.

“Oh hell! the Triple Protection also down… die lah!”

Yeah, they didn’t expected it to be turned out like that. But the Japanese worker who worked there are all desperately to fix the situation. They try to release the steams inside the reactor so that they can fill in more water to prevent meltdown on the reactor. They are to be respected. If this happened in other country, I wonder if the workers from that country will do the same… by sacrificing themself to save the whole nation…

Many workers from the Nuclear reactor factory had hurted due to the explode of the hydrogen gasses. Even so , it didn’t stop them from continue on maintaining and trying to turn off the nuclear reactor.

And for the latest news, they are trying to pour in sea water from the sky using helicopter to cool down the reactor’s temperature. And continue on with water from the ground with High pressured water car.

“Oh… but they said the radiation is killing off people even in TOKYO!”

Well, I cannot say that there is no radiation at all, but even the radiation is about 21X of normal status(correct me if I’m wrong now). Everyone in Tokyo still proceed on their daily life. We can see people buying Ero-games in Akihabara, Old geezers go out playing Pachinko(some gambling machine like pinball) from the morning, Salaryman go out working with train(even with fewer trains moving)… It’s not like they didn’t scare of death, but those radiation level isn’t up to the level which will cause cancer. (But still, it’s better to apply countermeasure by not showing up skins and wearing a mask when one is at outside.)

The guy found at Ero-games Section at Akihabara after the strong quake.

Please, Everyone is trying to stand back to their own feet(recovering their daily life) after they fall down(from the damage done by the earthquake). Everyone in Japan is trying to do their best to recover from the earthquake’s damage. So the important question come:

“Why us Foreign student who study in Japan must all now evacuate back to our own country now?”

It’s okay for you if you are living near Iwate area, or near Fukushima area with the nuclear reactor neaby to flee.. But for those who live in Tokyo/Kanagawa/Saitama/ or other kansai area. I don’t understand at all. Why are you all fleeing too?

We can see they start to fix up everything 4 days after the strong quake. Japan is REALLY RECOVERING.

I saw some status in a Facebook group today:

Anybody in Japan please report here please.

Me: Yes, I’m still in Japan.

He: Faster come back…

Me: Reason?

He: I love you.

Me: I was asking, What is the reason that we all foreign student must return to their mother country now? Do you understand the situation here well?

And he didn’t replied after that…

Many people has been assuming the situation themself too much. Some newspaper even writting that Japan is DONE FOR… And some religious say that it’s “DIVINE PUNISHMENT from the God”. But please, You are who you are, You decide how you wanna live for. Don’t just listen to the false media and rush back/flee.

Not to mention the most Heart-warming present from a friend in Taiwan. It’s very precious in time like this. I got to know her from Japan’ site, Nico Nico Douga.

For myself, I decided to stay in Japan. There is few reason that I made that decision:

  1. I don’t see the need(yes, I just simply don’t find it that I MUST leave).
  2. It’s time to repay the debt(As a scholarship student of Japan, I think this is the time for me to stay back here, providing information on Japan for the world. I tweet my status as frequently as I am when I got hold of new information.)
  3. I just simply like Japan. (Yes I am)

It’s such a long post. I really appreciate you who read all my personal views on the 3/11 earthquake(even some of you just scrolled down). There is not much things I can do to Japan in this difficult time… But there is one things I really wish to let you all know.

I’m safe here, in Japan.

And I really wish the media(newspapers, media blogs, and YOU) would stop reporting everything exagerated… In this era, everyone with internet connection is a personel Media. What you posted in your facebook wall will be see by thousand of people. And just because of this, Everyone should be careful with what they speak. Speak only the truth and not just the gossip.

I know the media is part to be blamed but I wish everyone could just stop posting:

“Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE!”

Thank you.

By Kesenaitsumi89 at 18th March 2011.


P.S. Update! If you need photo proof of Tokyo, Here it is: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/26054/Tokyo+Evacuation.html

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34 Responses to Japan Earthquake 3/11 “Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE”

  1. chee thai says:

    Hey bro

    i do not wat to say but hope everything will be fine.

    btw ero games mean … ? :O

  2. mp says:

    ming han campateh……….!!!

  3. Akaru says:

    What I can say is : Hope everyone is safe.

  4. lkeith89 says:

    Lol.. suddenly so sentimental.. ha.. a bit unexpected… ha.. but that is the word from deep inside your heart… hmm…. by the way, the new video is the video i requested? haha..’

  5. Bokuranoyume says:

    Well … nothing to say…
    Didn’t expect you would post this.. (you speak out what i want to say)
    In fact, when i saw many comment or wishes to you on web, i laughed!!!
    (Don’t ask me why i laughed, don’t want explain >.O<)

  6. Miranda says:

    Seriously, newspapers here in msia make such riots I feel like smacking those reporters. Different paper has different headlines saying Japan this! Japan that! Japan’s gonna become flat! I was like…ssssh if the articles are true why can’t all the papers use the same story? Why different paper different news? And what’s with taking old men and children’s photo while they’re sitting around some place with a small bag and put the headline “JAPANESE PEOPLE PANIC/ESCAPING FROM JAPAN/etcetcetc” I was like *beep* man what’s with all the reporters?! Go watch NHK lah! And they better take a convincing photo if they’re gonna put up some serious fraud news. GDI!

    And things are definitely not better here at Mikasano. People are reconsidering/trying to delay/canceled by parents/not going/etc. :

    • hmm… Think it definitely a shock for mikasano future students. But as I said, ones need to seek for the truth and not just believing nonsense news at newspapers…… I see most Previous Mikasano Student had fleed. It’s really a shame to see all of them fleed back Malaysia at the crucias timing..

      • Miranda says:

        Some of us really made the effort to investigate about this situation. But nevertheless, some were forbidden to go by their ***parents***, now matter how they pursued with the real facts. It’s a sad, sad tragedy. I think students from Mikasano going to Japan this year may reduce from 28 people to less than 20… TAT How sad.

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