J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park

I had joined my friend Karis-chan to the J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park, Yokohama yesterday. The event is to celebrate the Anniversary of Yokohama Open Port and it purpose is to promote Japan’s Pop Cultures(Anime, Cosplay, Dance, Singing, Idols).

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 17

Photo with Alodia!

Our main purpose that day is to see Alodia on stage. Since her stage is at 1700, we have the whole morning to walk around and taking photos with other cosplayers. I loved to see cosplayers especially those who cosplay on Vocaloid series.(Everyone know I love Hatsune Miku and had played lots of her songs with Harmonica.) I was lucky enough to be able to see some Miku Cosplay right away when we reached the Park.

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 05

Cute! Not to mention she is the famous Miku Dancer who make dance covers in Youtube! Thanks Shino Ryuuga(紫乃 龍雅)-san for the photo.

Check out her dance video below:

and her Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6TaMFDtBp6esJgbdvDHHQ/videos

Also found some other vocaloid cosplayers and this group is my most Prefered! 千本桜 Series!

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 10


Did you know that I played Senbonzakura(千本桜) with my Harmonica too?

looked so noob back then.

Also a pair of couple(?) doing Hatsune Miku Cosplay together.(Both male and female.)

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 15

Male cosplaying female character? Yes or No?

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 13

Also met Super Sonico-chan and take a photo together with our Big Headphones.

Besides from cosplayers, there was also a stage where some local Idols singing and dancing on it. And some Hero Show fighting minions on the stage too!

Another interesting things we found there is that how Japan’s Idol Fans supporting their Idols. When their Idols is on stage singing and dancing, guess what they do? Yes, they dance along and shouting and waving and jumping around and clapping and ridding on other’s shoulder.


Yokohama Yamashita Park - 07

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 12

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 11

It seemed fun to be doing so but the other audience was all like (O.o)??

Event in Japan is always filled with stall providing foods and drinks. Another good things in Japan is that, you can get free drink from some of the stall. This new kind of energy drink named Joma is giving out free Joma for us to try on. I drank 2 cause I’m really thirsty…

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 08

Those Onee-san in red dress are giving out Joma for free.

As a conclusion, the whole day spent there was really fun! The weather was great and it is spring now. So it is not so hot nor cold on the day! What I felt a little bit disappointed is that the numbers of cosplayers that day was kinda few. The event went for 2 days from 3rd to 4th May and on 3rd May, there was a Cosplay Parade which have more than 200 cosplayers.. I guess everyone is getting tired after the parade on the first day and missed out 2nd day. haha.

If you are not so into those pop culture stuff, Yamashita Park is still a great place to have a leisure days on. You can ride the Big Hikawa Maru ship there too with a entrance fees of 300 Yen. Or maybe see some performance like magic show there( I had been there for 3 times and every times I saw someone performing magic or tricks there). Even just sitting on the bench there resting is a really comforting experience.

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 04

Hikawa Maru.

The rest of the photos below:

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 01

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 04

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 02

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 04

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 16

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