Ita-PSP (痛-PSP)

Ita-PSP, It’s a term to refer decorated PSP. The word Ita(痛) is original from Itai(痛い), which mean pain in Japanese. It’s original referring about Ita-sha(痛車), which mean someone painted their Car with Anime’ Characters.

Example of an Ita-sha

Last week when I’m going to Akihabara with Lester Ho, I saw some Anime Magazine and spotted that one of the magazine have the decorating stickers for PSP. I own a PSP myself and really liked the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Decorating stickers. ^^

Bought the Magazines, Nyan-Type just for the stickers. for the contents and the stickers.

I leaved it there for few days. And so luckily I have no work today, so I decided to clean up my room and opened up the stickers and decorated it at my PSP.

This is the Stickers. It had 3 sets of stickers for you to choose from.

Stickers compared to PSP size.

Personally prefered the second sticker since it have Nanoha and Fate in it.

Done~ What disappointed me is that it doesn’t really suit well in Black PSP.

Images from right.

Well, guess can’t say much since it’s a free products. But back on my PSP. I really wanted a White-coloured PSP but since I can’t get it in Firmware 5.05 so have no choice but to go for black (Some know why I need 5.05 ^^)

So how was your PSP of your friends? Are your friends also decorating their PSP with stickers? Or they painted it? ^^

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10 Responses to Ita-PSP (痛-PSP)

  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    haha!! =.=
    Well… i also think the same for the sticker with the black color PSP.
    Really hope i am there since i am nanoha and fate FANS!!
    wonder when can my uncle PSP would be decorate with those lovely sticker….wuwuwu

  2. lkeith89 says:

    ya, you can decorate it inside, open all the skru and u can decorate inside as much as you like ( as long as it dosent affect the hardware) haha…

  3. Miranda says:

    OO. I’ve seen my friend’s PSP. It has stickers also. Vocaloid’s Miku and Luka XD I’ve seen a Digimon Itansha(badly decorated) before and a Pokemon Itachari. My friend’s part time co-worker is still totally addicted to Digimon >_>; (I seriously felt his inferiority XD)

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