Phew! Life never been so busy. Just after I got back from the Rinkan Gakkou 2 weeks ago, then it’s Exam… After the exam, Soon it is my Homestay Trip. LOL

Just got back from my Homestay’s trip at Saitama-ken. Our school asked us to write about what do you think about your homestay trip. And so I wrote it up before I forget about it.

Below is my 感想文(what do I think) about my Homestay Trip(All in Japanese though…):







This is supposed to pass up to ABK Japanese Language school but I think it worth a post itself. ^^


The Old Japanese house itself and the Sinohara-san Family.

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18 Responses to Homestay

  1. mpheng89 says:

    haha, so good practice!!! play good music!!

  2. mpheng89 says:

    but i duno wat u write,haha

  3. Keith Lim says:

    hey, i also write an essay in my U want me to write it for u to watch?? haha, joking only la. I dunno why all most of the people in my university sucks in their english… their writting standard is below PMR standard, UPSR, i think…. dunno how they enter University… my english already sucks enough, their even worst! haiz…. i am in the university of.. no where……..

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… That one I don’t know loh..why their english sucks…. haha.

      If you really write out then I didn’t mind reading it.

  4. astrobunny says:

    Whoa. Nice house there.

  5. Eujeen says:

    whoho, so cool~

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