Hiking at Takao-San (高尾山)

Last saturday, I followed my Japanese Language School, which is ABK to the hiking trip to Takao-San (高尾山). This trip is well known by Japanese and almost all Japanese went there for hiking when it’s their holiday during primary school.^^

From what I saw from the Weather Broadcast, it will be really sunny that day and so I asked one of my classmate to go together with me, which He become the main Cameraman for that day’s Hiking. ^^

My cameraman that day. He got a Awesome Camera… Hope to own one too…

We reached at the Takao-san Station (高尾山駅) at around 10.00 a.m. and started to go up the hill with more than fifty thousand people. It’s really cramped that day since it was a 3-days holiday for all those Japanese. And the days after that saturday will not be sunny anymore so it’s harder to be able to see those beautiful Kouyou(紅葉).

This is what we chinese called “People Mountain People Sea” ?

This beautiful shot is taken at before we walking up the hill. It’s over the river.

On our way up the hill. We got through lots of Temples and Shrine. At these temples and shrine, we got to see lots of Kouyou and I really found it’s beautiful especially it’s so sunny that day.

Taken at the place called 薬王院.

Yes, It’s me. You all got to see my face again. LOL

We started to climb up the hill and taken 3 Rest on the way up there. Compared to Hiking at Malaysia, Japan’s Hill is harder to go up. Even for me who often go Hiking at Penang Hill before also getting quite tired from walking up this hill. The first Rest station is as you seen from the above pictures of me. From that point, we can see view of Shinjuku (新宿).

Well, can’t really see it through… ^^”

Well, Guess I will leave the rest of the pictures for you all to see it for yourself. ^^

Spotted this Stupid Bird. LOL

Especially Liked this one.

Please dress up like a monkey and pose yourself like the above poster. You will be rewarded some Peanuts and some garbage for you to bring back home.

For your Info, This temple have two Tengu (天狗) like Shameimaru (射命丸), Which called 大小天狗 this one is the 大 one. Only the 大 one hold the 扇子 like Shameimaru’s. The other one hold on a sword.

Liked traditional Japanese Structures.

This seemed like the staircase to the heaven.

Posing this double Scissor Pose and press ↑↑↓↓←→△+〇 then you will activate the Super Saiya Jin Mode.

Me and a friend from Hong Kong. He owned an Iphone too. ^^

Good morning Sir.

I came here Twice. How about you?

Around 5.00 P.M. back down from the mountain and are ready to go back home.

I personally enjoyed this trip to Takao-San and the Kouyou is really great! We meet with lots of Chinese people from China just to take a flight here to see the Kouyou. How rich them are…

Anyway, If you planned to come to Japan’s Takao-San to see Kouyou. I would recommened you middle of November. It’s the Best season to see Kouyou at Takao-San.

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14 Responses to Hiking at Takao-San (高尾山)

  1. Matteas says:

    The scenery is marvelous. I hope I will get to go there once.

  2. Bokuranoyume says:

    i aaaaaaaalways looking froward for you in photo post at blog .. now it seem like you make it…

    AFTER i saw your photo i found out your skin more whitening and smooth…
    looks like Japan have fresh air and good water..
    (envy-ing) @o@

    But why your hair turn black?
    not enough energy transform to “Super Saiya”?
    w……… ^o^

    Those red leaves so called Maple leaves?
    They are really beautiful (in photo)
    Got picked some or not..??
    Give me some . they would be some nice bookmark.
    Since 2nd December is coming soon.. HEhe !!!

    Oh yeah…
    if you really posed as monkey and got peanut… pls send me the photo..
    garbage … no need la.. you keep yourself…

    SEE you NeXT tIME !!!

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      My hair turned black because we need black hair for Interview of University and working… LOL. Although there are also workplace that didn’t care about your hair colour.

      Yes, It’s Maple leaves. Sorry but didn’t picked any for anyone… Will consider trying next time.

  3. Miranda says:

    ARGH I’m so so so so darn envious. Next year Imma take my SPM and speed my way to Japan!

    P.S. Incredibly nice photos. =P

  4. lkeith89 says:

    Haiyo, finally saw as much as you in your blog…. Good work, wish to see more “you” in your blog. haha

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