Hayate No Gotoku 2 Episode 00?

As you know, Hayate No Gotoku will be releasing 2nd season soon. And to Start off, They released this FanService Episode to draw more attention to the new release.

Hayate No Gotoku 2nd Season, as the tittle said.

The story is simple, It happened to be the Sanzenin’s house have a huge private beach and Hayate the combat butler, as always, want to persuade her お嬢様(Mi-lady), Nagi Sanzenin to do some sport. So he asked her to swim, and for that purpose, The Maid Maria-san had asked the teacher to bring lots of student to the swim, wish to draw Nagi’s attention and have fun together with everyone.

The producer is messing with the tittle this time. They changed the place of the words Atsu with Natsu, which caused this tittle hard to understand for some time… It should be 夏(ナツ)が暑(アツ)いぜ水着編!

As I said, this is a FanService Episode and it’s doesn’t have anything related to the main storyline( Guess the story itself didn’t have much story line…)

For those who new to anime and doesn’t understand what is mean by FanService, you can refer Bangin’s blog for the word explanation.

Wonder who is the sister with the blue hair with? She said she just someone pass by….. LOL

After sometimes then Think the effect start on Mi-lady. She doesn’t really know what she is doing too… Even watching a magazine up side down.

What?? Publishing your own story through the show!!! Pawned!

Hinagiku-san’s FanService!! ^^

Saki FanService for those like Tsundere Maid.

And then just when Hayate make the Mi-lady upset, here come this episode’s enemy. An 幽霊(somewhat of Ghost…) which have No Chest(flat chest) and have been hated those with big chest. She processed Mi-lady and want to Rip all the girls’ Bikini!!LOL.

The flat-chested ghost…

I have always think the Alen Walker from D.gray-man is actually Hayate and now it has been Proven that I’m RIGHT!!

Yes, here comes the Exocist, Allen Walker with his Cursed Left hand…. Wonder when will he obtain Crown Clown.

Here come the real exocist from the series. 悪霊退散!

Well, the promote anime has make up a good effect and now I’m really looking forward to the 2nd season of Hayate no Gotoku ^.^

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