Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

It had been long and finally it’s new year again. Kesenaitsumi wish all of you having a great Chinese New Year in this 2009.

Being a Chinese I’m definitely can understand the joyment of Chinese new year this year too like every year. A Chinese New Year mean a Whole New Year for all those chinese and it’s the best fortune days for us chinese. Eveyone is having a holidays now and are relaxing at home, or visiting relatives’ house to get Ang Pao, or Going out hanging with friends. Everyone is having a good times ^.^

As a new year, I was thinking of putting up somethings news on this blog. And yes, as you can see, It’s a failure this time. I tried to put up this blog again in the net but, due to some accident, the whole database had gone and I have no ways to recover it. That mean all the post I have wrote previously are all gone without a trace. ^.^” Guess it mean a new start over too..(ahaha)

Well, as now is the First day of 2009 year of Chinese, I have come out few objectives of the year, I don’t know either I can really reach them or not, but I’ll definitely try my best for it. Here are my objectives this year:

  1. Going over study at Japan
  2. Done great in my Japanese language and keep being 1st place at my class
  3. Finish 3 solo songs of harmonica
  4. Get good grade in other than Japanese subjects
  5. Get a good part-time job at Japan
  6. Meet friend of mine which in Japan(Yuxx-san)
  7. Go to Comiket
  8. Buy a new Laptop

I think that’s all for my objectives this year. ^.^ The last objectives seem really hard since I have to earn my own study expenses at the same time so I don’t really know can collect that much money in the same time or not.

Lastly, Wish everyone having a good fortune and healthy body in this year too. ^.^


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