Hakone Trip 2010

Last Thursday, I had been to a one day trip to Hakone organized by my scholarship sponsor, Mabuchi Motor Corporation. At their official letter it wrote “奨学生の集会” and I was expecting we are gonna meet up inside some building and talking to each other about our life. But I was really wrong about it. It turned out to be a really fun trip to me.^^

Inside the bus. As you can see it’s raining out there~

I meet up with my friends from my previous Japanese language school, ABK at Tokyo station at about 7:45 a.m and then walked to the destination bus station nearby. It kinda suck to he walking in the pouring rain. Even inside of my shoes had filled with water…

And then it’s time to ride the bus. The girl sat beside me is a Mongolia who study her 2nd year in University. We talked a while and the bus departed.

We had been given these snacks to eat along the journey.

Inside the bus, the leader of the scholarship student had prepared some ice breaking games for us to play. Even though I don’t think it is necessary for me, I had fun played along.

Our first destination is Owakudani that we can take great photos of the smoke released and buy the famous “Black Eggs”. They said that you can live 7 years longer with every Black Eggs you consumed due to it’s nutrients. Bought some to be bring to my home-stay family and some or myself.^^

Weather is not really nice. Kinda look like the end of the world…

The famous Black eggs. They said you can live 7 years longer with every Black eggs you consumed…

Eva’s Omiyage(souvenir)

Kitty ^^

More photos around the area.


Next, we moved to the nearby building where we will be riding the so called ” The world 2nd longest Ropeway”. The ride is about 20 minutes. Wonder Which one is longer? This one or the one from Genting Highland?

The stair to the Rope way riding building.

Last view from OwakuDani.

It’s 1044M above sea level. Feel really like Genting Highland.

The rope way~~ Very Nostalgic, feel like I’m on Genting again. ^^

The other ABK Malaysian student just like me.

After the ride, it’s lunch time~ had a great wasyoku(和食) there and a tiny cup of Ume-syuu(梅酒).^^

Had our lunch at Togendai.

Our lunch!! ^^

After Finished lunch, we had been bring to board the Sightseeing Cruise.The ship was really cool ^^

On our way to board the ship.

This is it!

Closer view~

There are some rope bind examples used in sailing.

Views from the ship 1.

Views from the ship 2. This is the other ship.

Views from the ship 3. ME!!

Also taken some photos with the other students. From left: Korean, Malaysian, Japanese, Turkish.

Then it’s time to ride on bus again. This time is heading to the Sekijyo(Some kind of Gates in the past), which got manequin of the past Japanese life protraited.

First there is a souvenir shop.

The entry of the Sekijyo.

Also went up the tallest place and took a photo.

We didn’t have much time there and soon we have to move to the next destination, Narukawa art museum. Before we enter the museum, we spotted the so called “Old Tree!”.

The Old Tree!’s Board.

This is the OLD TREE!!! so HUGE.

The museum’s name plate.

Since it’s called a museum, I don’t took any photos inside there. Sorry can’t show you all around inside the museum. But instead, I had took a short video of the Kaleidoscope on display there. ^^

A view of the lake from the museum 1.

A view of the lake from the museum 2.

Well, the museum is our last destination for that day. After that it was our long 2 hours of bus ride back to Tokyo again.

The whole trip is totally free and we didn’t even have to pay 1 yen for the trip! All are sponsored by Mabuchi Motor Corporation. It was really fun there and I’m really looking forward for the next trip at March! ^^

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6 Responses to Hakone Trip 2010

  1. CLF says:

    OI damn nice leh!! long time no see Qi Xian too, he went MIA after moved out from Yamabuki hahah.
    hopefully next year I can become a Mabuchi scholar too heheh…. 😛

  2. Calvin says:


    It’s rare for me to leave a comment here but anyway, that black egg is really interesting.
    Imagine a tour from Singapore was to visit the place. I bet the eggs will surely run of stock ‘coz the kiasu Singaporeans will surely sapu every single egg sold there, hoping that they can live 777 years longer haha!

  3. lkeith89 says:

    Nice trip you have over there…

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