Good bye Friend

Today, one of my friend who came to Japan together with me since April had boarded the aeroplane to go back to Malaysia. He will be back for about 20 days and will come back Japan to finished off our Japanese Language school.

We ate our last Breakfast together at Matsuya(松屋).

We didn’t sleep at all yesterday night just to go to his room and talked there until it’s time for him to depart to the airport the next morning. Before his depart, we decided to go to eat breakfast together at Matsuya together. Took these photos while we are in there.( Few Japanese looked at us strangely….)

Lame Iphone photos…. LOL

He had been our best friends and a really kind man to us. He treat everyone nicely and sometimes a little bit rude. But in the other hand, we had no need to keep our self formal or considering when we tried to talk to him.

Well, All the Best to you and hopes to see you back soon~

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