Going to Temple’s Matsuri

I had been to a Temple’s Matsuri(not sure what it’s called since it’s about 2 weeks ago.). It’s spring now and you can still see all the great views of Sakura Trees.


Even the ground are covered with the petal of sakura trees. I liked the weather very well because it’s not too cold nor hot.


And this is the view from below the sakura trees:


can’t get the really great scene since I’m just using my Iphone for the photos.

Start to go to the Matsuri at around 2.00(Very Late. The matsuri will end at 3.00) and reached at 2.13. We really late and can’t see much around the matsuri. So I take some photos instead.


This is the place they worship the god of wolf/fox?


Saw this kind of paper only at Anime but now I can oftenly see it ^^


The Temple!


Don’t know why just feel this scene very peaceful.


One of my friend taking stupid photos.


The sign teaching you how to worship their god. 2拝、二拍手、一拝.


Saw this little girl washing her hand with the holy water(I’m sure that she is not a vampire.)


Scared by me taking he photos.

Beside all those photos, another big gain from going the Matsuri is that I got a Free Album of Nana Mizuki titled Trickster. This album released at October 2008 so it’s not too old at all. ^^ The Album is for the Anime Titled Rosario + Vampire Capu 2. 2 of the songs is for the anime’s Opening and Ending, which is Discotheque and Trinity Cross.


Album Cover


Behind of the cover


The Disc.


The inner cover and one flier which featured her Live Concert. Can’t go since it’s already past ^^.

Well, Didn’t think it’s bad to rush for the matsuri and didn’t see nothing. Learned a lesson and will go ealier next time. Japanese’s daily activities usually start at 10.00 in the morning and ended at 5.00 or 7.00 at night.

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12 Responses to Going to Temple’s Matsuri

  1. xiawyeong311 says:

    会去Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社)吗下次?

  2. keith lim says:

    =.= i thought vampire only scare of pure water… holy water? I still remember the days where i use cheat engine to hack money, then buy holy water 20 bottles, when fighting with the last boss, virgil, i use up to 13 bottle to settle him, but the end ranking i get D. = = haha. You will sure understand what i am saying.

  3. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Xiawyeong311> haha.. Not interested in it. But will try to look into it in the future.

    Keith lim> According to Rosario + vampire, Vampire scare of water which are clear. So it doesn’t really need to be holy water or pure water. LOL. Forgot most of Devil may cry alreay. ahha

  4. Bokuranoyume says:

    Oops …
    forget to check out your blog recently..
    sorry ya !!! >.<
    But luckily i see the post.. MIZUKI NANA!!!
    HAHA!! my favorite singer.. ^o^
    Free album and disc… I WANT IT !!!
    look upon your sakura big shot !!!
    ganbatte !! =o= hehe ……

  5. yinx92 says:

    who is that guy?
    are he a japanese?

  6. eewen says:

    you go there play more than study i think..haha

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