Furniture from IKEA

This post is to introduce you all the furniture I bought from IKEA. I bought:

  1. Working Table
  2. Small Desk
  3. Book Shelf
  4. Chair
  5. Mirror
  6. Glass writting Board
  7. Place to put clothes in

Totally spent 25K for furniture and 5K for delivery. IKEA sent my stuff to me two days after the date of purchase.

You can view the post about my moving to Kanagawa. You can watch the video there too showing you that I had nothing in my Room…. Also post about My Trip to IKEA Yokohama.

So the below photos is to show the before and after of the furniture fixing processes.

All the furniture in Boxes~

Another view~

The Moving Chair in box~

The chair. Done fixing ^^

Working Desk. Still haven’t fixed it.

First you have to screw it to the table, then turn the legs of the table in it….. Is what it write in the instruction booklet.

LOL. Just found out that I didn’t take photos of the After product of the furniture.. ^^ Been busy fixing all up~ So you should just check the Video I post at the end of the post for the Finishing outcome~

This is the Bookshelf.

The small Table for lunch and dinner~ and maybe some Tea?

The rack for clothes~

Not forget to put some soft things under the legs of the furniture so it won’t hurt the floor.

Well, that is most of the furniture I bought. Lastly, please take a look at my new Room in Kanagawa, Beside my Tokai University through the Youtube Video below:

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    door opened outside: other people hard to break in, you can easily break out…
    lol.. when u want to buy a washing machine o? ur shirt can last how long?

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