Fried Rice at Japan

Today, It’s not fried rice from the restaurant but it’s my self cooked fried rice. ^^

Decided to try out fried rice from friend’s suggestion. So cooked my first meal that used Fire in Japan(The post I shown early on are all with rice cooker and microwave only.) Here is the Final Product:



Well, to be frankly, It really tasted good and we have sausage and eggs in it. So it’s delicious and with good nutrients. This is the second time I cooked a fried rice. Been learned from mother once at Malaysia.

My friend asked me to cook the fried rice again for tomorrow’s dinner. But well, Ok…It’s inexpensive and is really easy ^^ can save up lots of money~~

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4 Responses to Fried Rice at Japan

  1. mpheng89 says:

    wei why no your face de…all is makanan pic ..u wan me hungry ah??will fat loh like tat

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha. No need to see my face ma. See delicious food is better than seeing my face. ^^

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