Freeline Skate Introduction

Today I would like to introduce an new X-game sport which got invented by some skateboarder in US at 2006. The name of the new sport is called Freeline Skating. It was said that this new type of sport had combined the way of skating the Snowboard, Skateboard, Ski, Inline Skate, and much more.

This new sport had rise since 2006 and are progressing steadily now. You can already see lots of Freeline Skate videos through Youtube and you can see lots of players are from US, Japan and Korea. Too bad I haven’t saw any videos from Malaysia yet.

So, what is so fun about this new sport?

Firstly, It very small and compact. Compared to the skateboard, the sizes of the board(or you can’t call it a board anymore, it’s a pad) is about the size of the computer mouse. So it would be extremely easy for you to carry it around and skate it whenever you like.

Next, you can pump your speed up yourself. Unlike the skateboard, which you have to put your leg down and accelerate yourself, you can just turning your leg around and you can move on forward without doing some un-cool pushing works.

Then, it can jump like any other kind of X-games too. If you not believe then you can try and look at the videos from youtubes.

Finally, it’s cool! Everyone like new things, just like new laptop/gaming console. The Freeline Skate is still considereed very new although 4 years of time had passed. It’s still not much people knowing it existence and less people are skating it. So it will be very cool when people say “Wow ! What is that? I never saw that before.”

So, less reading, more video. I think it would be best for you to witness the cool side of the sport yourself through video. So I prepared few Youtube video and put it in between the passages.

Lastly I would like to help promote this new sport to Malaysia and hopes that I will got some friends to play with when I go back to Malaysia for vacation. I will buy this Freeline skate by this tuesday when I got my money banked in for me. ^^ Also, here are some links for you if you want to buy it. Sorry the link provided are for the use in Japan only. Do some Google searching if you are in Malaysia.

UPDATE!! I had just won the Auction in Yahoo Auction for the skates. Meant that I will most possibly getting the getting by wednesday or thursday ^^

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15 Responses to Freeline Skate Introduction

  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol… hope you enjoy it. well, not possible to play it since there is no skate park nearby at our home town (unless you can skate along the road) but its very danger!!!

  2. Bokuranoyume says:

    I always love skate….
    (after i watched “Cardcaptor sakura ” — Sakura skate freely to school makes me envy… =.= )…
    Well.. after this post.. i wish more to have a pair of freeline skater…

    Haiz… When i could have it….>.<

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… What Sakura Skate is called “Inline Skating” I own a cheap one too and can skate normally. But not really good at it yet.

      Haha, You got interest in Freeline too?

  3. Olive says:

    Hi. We r from Malaysia. Here is the video of my girl learning the freeline @beginner stage
    2 months ago. Regards. from yanqing100

  4. Lam says:

    I am now in Hungary, we have about 10 active freeline rider. it is not so popular in Central Europe yet.

    I am just a beginner. Let keep in touch and share more!

  5. hi guys,

    yeah freeline is not so popular over here in Hungary, but we work on it. We have a team, and made couple of videos of our practices. check it out:

    take care!

  6. Hi,
    I’m from Malaysia, Ipoh and I’m a freeline skater too. i just started to skate 6 months ago and had to admit that the learning curve was kinda hard when i just started but managed to catch it in 3 days. honestly, i think freeline is the best skates i ever ride. it’s really rare and hard to find anyone riding freeline in malaysia but i’m glad i came across your blog and to know i was not alone…haha

    add me in my facebook and keep in touch : )

  7. says:

    We see it becoming more and more popular every day in Europe. Especially when teams like in Hungary Post greet Freeline skate movies.
    So keep up the riding!!!

  8. izzad murad says:

    Where to but this ? Please import to Malaysia .

  9. Patrick says:

    Are there any freeliner in KL or Selangor? ^^ I am desperatly searching!

  10. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this
    blog before but after going through many of the articles I realized it’s new
    to me. Regardless, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled
    upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  11. Y10 says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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