Free bumper for iphone 4 user announced.

Today, a mail from apple had reached my iPhone to inform me that the official apple’s bumper will be for free for iPhone 4 user. Those who had bought their iPhone 4 before July 23 should apply for their free bumper before august 22th.

To apply, simply download an application from app. Store named “iPhone 4 case application program” and fill in the required information.

Those who had bought their own official bumper from apple can get their cash back from apple.

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  1. Jason says:

    Hey mate.. So, like you, I too am living in japan. I was doin some research and noticed this post from you…

    I also have a WZR2-G300N japanese version and am trying to foward some ports… and i am just confused… i am hoping you figured out how… and you might assist me with my issue….

    cheers and ty!


  2. factreview says:

    iPhone 4 is really dominating the market now despite Android powered smartphone’s increasing popularity.The missus owns a white iPhone 4 and she really loves it but I find the Galaxy S very very enticing

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