Foods Vending Machine In Japan

Yeah, And you are not having a blur eyes. I had discovered this Vending machine during my Trip to Rinkan Gakkou last few weeks ago and found it’s really amusing. ^^

Food Vending1

This is the vending machine… LOL.

With this Foods Vending Machine, you can always having hot food and can save on the time to cook something and moreover, you can always have it 24/7 !

Food Vending2

Here is another close up for you to see what you can have using this machine.

So, with this machine, you can also vending the Takoyaki (Squid Balls which eat during Japanese Festival), Fried Potatoes, Taiyaki (Which always eat by a girl keep saying “Ugghuuu…”), Chicken and Potatoes, Cyasyuu Onigiri, and Yaki Onigiri…

It’s really amazed and ironic when I see that to how much extend that the Japanese wish for human life to be more easier (the japanese having one word for this is called 便利. Guess you can read it using chinese too.)

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  1. Chef Elmasry says:

    I want all info to how to gett food vending machin I want using in my resturant in maladyves

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