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Hi, This is an apologise post for all of you my blog reader. As you see I finally decided to continue on working on this blog. As when the time I mentioned that, this site was totally a mess. Especially broken images Links….

Broken Link

I tried to search around the internet for a way to fix it. After some googling, I finally found a solution to that. Answer : using Plugins for WordPress…. Okay, it might not sound so great but it really WORK!

First you need to go search for a plugins for WordPress named [Velvet Blues Update URLs]. After installed it on your blog, activate it, and go to the link on the description of the plugin which writes “This plugin updates all urls in your website by replacing old urls with new urls. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, and 2) Go to your Update URLs page to use it.”

Update URL

The plugins.

Simple. Then you will see this screen.

Update URL2

The rest of it is kinda all self explaining. But just in case for some WordPress Newbie who still don’t know much about URLs. I will do some explanation on what you have to do here.

So, on the Old URL, you simply just need to put in your old site’s URL. For example, mine was []. So I will put it in there. And for the New URL, put in your current site’s URL, mine which is [].


After that just keep the first option on Step 2 checked and press Update URLs NOW. Then BOOM! everything just FIXED!

Now the Broken images files should all show up.

Img Fixed

Now around 90% of the images on my sites is FIXED. Yes, that included all those Harmonica Scores/tabs you guys most visited. The rest of the 10% is post that are too old which is before I came to Japan. So I didn’t have the copy of the image files with me and I cannot fix them d..(feel not so appropriated if delete those posts since it’s my own story from my past)

Drop me a comment if it doesn’t work well for you. ^.^

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