First self cook meal in Japan

After a week living in Japan, I finally started to cook my own meal.

I have bought the Rice at 西友(Seiyu) last week for 3299 Yen but can’t cook it without a proper rice cooker. Tried the Microwave method but failed.

Then I bought the rice cooker yesterday for 6280 Yen and finally can cook rice at my own room. After read up the explanation at the booklet, I washed the rice and turn the power on.


The Rice Cooker.

Then I bought a pack of Fish Fillet costed 104 Yen at the 99 yen shop and microwaved one of it with my tupperware.


Fish Fillet costed 104 Yen. (In the packet)


After Microwaved.

Then I bring it back to my room and open up my rice cooker. It’s just the time for the rice to be fine cooked.


Fined cooked rice.

Then I take out the rice and put in my tupperware. Then put in some 昆布(konbu, a kind of seaweed), add some filling at top of it then my dinner is done. Photos below. ^^


Final Product.

Total expenses for this meal is around 80 yens. And then I still have some rice left to be make お握り(Onigiri) later. ^^

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4 Responses to First self cook meal in Japan

  1. yinx92 says:

    wao~ how come the fish filet so cheap?
    just cost 104yen only…
    but you try not to use too much microwave,
    it is not good for health,
    take care ya^^

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha. Know d lah. Microwave is not good for health.

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