First outdoor activities with Japanese.

Today is my first time going out with my Japanese friends from my current University, Tokai University. Heard about their planning few days ago when I having lunch together with them at Canteen.

Since today is public holiday, they planned to go out to 町田 (Machida, quite a town compared to my current place) for some fun. Depart at 10.00 and reached there around 10.40. Seemed that I’m the 2nd reaching there. Was suppose to gather at 11.00 a.m. Then we head out to the Bowling center named “Round One”

The floor navigation guide at the Bowling Center.

This is my first outing with Japanese friends, and also my first bowling experience. Never played this Money-consuming sports before back in Malaysia.

The photos of my friends playing Mario Kart 2 while waiting for register.

At there! One interest machine I found out is the Shoes-lending machine. Most of you might know that you need to change into bowling shoes when playing it. Again Japan had surprised me. They have the shoes-lending machine.

Just push the green button and Shoes will drop out. My size is 27.0 cm.

Ok, Skip over the shoes things. The bowling field in Japan is smaller than what you see in Malaysia. I still remember in Pacific (or what you called Megamall Penang), the bowling field have around 40+ bowling track. In this Round One center, I only saw around 10 bowling tracks. But it have few floors of bowling fields. I think that summed up to be around 40+ too ^^

A peek at the bowling field.

My friends. I didn’t talked much to quite much of them ^^. Well, it’s still just the 3rd week of University Life….

We Played 5 round of games there. The bowling at Japan is extremely expensive. 5 round of games costed 2000+Yen (About RM 65). Hell. In Malaysia, RM 20 is enough to tire you out…

My results. The fourth one. G and — meant hit nothings…

Well, that is for sure that my results will be the lowest in between them. But!! I managed to saved myself to the 2nd place counted from behind. ^^” I got 54 points per game but my friends got 180+ per games…. LOL.

Results from the second game, Got two Strike this time…But score is still very low. Haha

Also got a little phone strap for free.

Spent about 3 hours there and then about 3.45 p.m. I got to go back first since I had made promise to practice Freeline Skate with some friends from internet. LOL… Again I made it again. I had met quite few people straightly through internet without knowing their face. And Japan happened to be quite nice and I haven’t been cheated even once… Yet.

The other people went on for some shopping and will settle down at Izakaya (居酒屋) at night for some drinks. (Japanese outing usually ended with drinking Alcoholic drinks in Izakaya). I didn’t join them for the night.

Well, that is my fun day~ Haven’t got the group photos from their camera yet. So will upload the photos here again once I received it. ^^

P.S. I keep typing Bowling as Blowing…. very funny when I typed (My first blowing experience. ^^ Yuck!)

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16 Responses to First outdoor activities with Japanese.

  1. CLF says:

    blow blow blow…. u blow too many harmonica alrdy lol.
    didn’t take pic from direct face? the pics look like u’re sneaking hahah.

  2. Lester Ho says:

    OMG. So nostalgic when I think back of bowling that I used to play during high school at the hotel bowling club and got a silver medal in 2003 during my first competition.

    It’s been 4 years since I last play it. But in Japan, Playing one will be too expensive.

  3. lkeith89 says:

    lol… still got free gift! erm… if without student price, playing bowling in Megamall also quite expansive de… last time during chinese new year, me and yoke zhi play one game need RM12 + rental shoe is about RM16 for 2 person, and play bowling with more friends is more fun.

  4. Darren says:

    So nice. Envy.

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