First Harmonica Peformance at Japan

Last friday night is ABK’s 新入生歓迎会(Welcome party for New Intake Student). 2 days before it, one of the organizer asked one of the malaysian student who can either sing/perform using instrument and so I introduced myself to them ^^.


Thanks Danielle for editing the photo above. ^^

That night, I performed 2 song. First song is “colour of the wind” from Pocahontas from Disney. (Yes, second perform with this song, 1st time is in mun pheng’s band roadside performance at 初九[One of chinese festival day]. This time is the second time)


Thanks Danielle again for editing the above picture for me. ^^

When performing the first song, some of the student waved their hand together with the flowing of the music.^^ happy.

Then Performed second piece “William Tell”. ^^ As expected the respond is extremely great! Everyone know this song so the atmosphere become really HIGH.


Left side is Matsumoto which is the emcee that night, Right hand side is ABK’s headmaster.

I didn’t tell my friends who comes with me together for study until the last second that the emcee introduced me to the audience. Most of them get shocked. LOL.

Throughout that night, I think almost every new student in ABK recognized me. Some organizer even booked me for another event in July. Hehe. Please looking forward to it. ^^


The prizes for Bingo game. I got the Chinese Fan located at below. ^^ Actually I wanted that Green Doll at upside…But been taken by other lucky player….

I still haven’t get the video recording from other student so can’t upload it for you all to view. Will try to update when got the video.

That night’s party is great. Got free foods to eat and Beer to drink(if you pay the 150 Yen for it). Even though the foods are great, I have almost ate nothing due to I ate a Mc Pork before it.(I scare I will be too hungry.)


They even labeled it Halal for our Malaysian friends.



That night was really fun and wish there are more event like this for me to perform. ^^ Any suggestion song to perform next?

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6 Responses to First Harmonica Peformance at Japan

  1. mpheng89 says:

    like tat mah, put some u play harmonica handsome face mah,…haha…

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    ^^ yeap. Will obtain the video soon, But doesn’t seemed to be full version.

  3. Rin says:

    gambate lah^^

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