First Cinema Session in Japan

I had been on Japan for 5 months and haven’t even go for a Movie session at Cinema here yet…

Well, It doesn’t really matter since I don’t really have anything to watch at the Cinema. But it’s different this time because I have grown a Big urge to watch the Twentieth Century Boy. Below is my day when I go watch the movie at Ikebukuro.


The movie is On Show since 29 August but I didn’t really know about it.

I waked up at around 11.00 a.m. since I’m watching the 1st and 2nd Movie yesterday night until midnight 4.00 a.m…. Start to eat lunch and take a bath, then started to depart at 11.45 a.m.

Reached Ikebukuro at around 12.30 a.m. and decided to buy the ticket first.

Ticket buying

This is the Ticket counter where you buy ticket. It’s really different from what we have back in Malaysia like GSC…


And this is the ticket…. Just look like some lame paper with words printed on it… Compared to what we have back in Malaysia…

The seat inside the Cinema is not really comfortable and it make my neck pain… My friend had always complaint that the Japan’s Cinema is suck… But I think the screen and the Sound System is really better than in Malaysia’s.

The movies session is long, about 2 hours and15 minutes and my body is really pain sitting still for that long time. Thank god that the movies ended safely without some terrorist bombing the cinema or etc…


Japan is really good at selling goodies related to some fictional stories… Saw this soon after getting out from the cinema and the price is not cheap…

After the movie ended and I got out from the cinema, I saw some flyers and found out somethings really interesting… Kaiji is on the Movie!!

Kaiji Flyer

Kaiji is on Movies! Seemed like it’ll be really interesting.

I also took a Sample comic about Kaiji which introduced those who didn’t watch the anime or original comic about the story. Well, the story is actually:

Kaiji which had no job and had huge debt is facing his pinch soon and then some strange men appeared and asked him to join some games which might let him get all the money to pay his debt and he can even be a rich man if he win. The story started off with the games…

Kaiji Test comic

The sample comic of Kaiji.

Still not decided will go to watch it or not since watching movie in Japan is extremely expensive… 1500 yen for student (Rm 60). WTF.

How do movie cost in your country? And what do you think about the quality of the movie and sound system?

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    ohh! Cheers!!! great thanks

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