Fire accident drill

It had been few weeks ago since this Fire Accident Drill are being held by my current language school which named ABK. I have no much time to write about it so it had been delayed till now.

what happened?

LOL…what happened here?

After we had our class until 11.30, the Emergency Bell of my school rang(As expected…since they already informed us beforehand). We all rush out walk lazily from our classroom and hurry to the park located in front of my school.


This is some worker of my school, holding on the Gigaphone shouting around….

We lines up according to our classes and have our teacher check our attendent. Then few workers from  Fire Fighting Department show up and lines up some Fire Extinguisher and start to having some talk and demonstration about what to do when there is a fire accident.

FF Department

Lines up the Fire Extinguisher and start talking about the important of fire fighting…

After the long talk which seemed like years lasted for about 15 minutes, they asked us to try to put out the fire with the Red Water Canon Water Fire Extinguisher(Since it will be a pain to clean up if they put in the real things.)


“FIRE!!! FIRE!!!” when you encountered a fire accident, first you have to shout this embarassing lines out loud….

Aika-chan ” 恥ずかしいセリフ禁止!”


Then you hurry up to the Fire Extinguisher fast and pull out the pin. (As you had learned when you are still a 7 years old kid..)

fire fighting

Then you hold the pipe toward the source of fire and Push the handle! YES!! Mission Accomplished!

go back

After all those boring important talk from the FF Department(I called the Fire Fighting FF since it’s cool.), we all hurried back to our school to start using the Micro Oven to heat up our Bentou to eat…Since the Talk already took up 30 minutes of our recess time… Oh Great…

Do your country also having this kind of Drill? What do you think of it?

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