Fastest download in ABK Dorm

Been in Japan for 1 day and today decided to try out the maximum speed of the Fibre Optic cable provided at my room. It found out to be able to download from BT source with the amazing speed of 1.03 MB/s.


wow..1.03 Mega Bytes per seconds.

It take me approximately 20 minutes for me to finished download that particular episode(it is roughly the time I used to brush my teeth…). Japan’s Internet speed is God Like.

Liked their speed very much and will make good use of it. ^^

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4 Responses to Fastest download in ABK Dorm

  1. hui Jing says:

    SO FASTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WANTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! XD

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    haha. Come over lah!!

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