Emobile’s Pocket Wifi

Hereby I’m proudly announce that I’m now an Official User of Emobile’s Pocket Wifi.

It happened that today I went to Akihabara to researching PC Hardware with two of my friends who want to custom make up a Dekstop Computer. After we done our researching, I went to Sofmap to asking for Internet Service Provide. Just to let you know that I will move to Kanagawa and not in Tokyo anymore this coming 6th March. So I think it’s about time to apply for an Internet Service for my new place.

This is what the packages included. A SIM Card, Battery and the Device itself. With tons of statements and Instruction books.

I had been wanted the Pocket Wifi since half year before but can’t really make up my mind since I still can use Free Internet from my dorm at Asia Bunka Kaikan. And then today, I finally signed their contract for the 2 Year M Plan with monthly usage of 4980 Yen for the speed of 7.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps Upload. While you need to pay 5980 for the first time for the device.

Starting it up for the first time. ^^

I signed it up mostly because I’m owning an Iphone. For Iphone Users out there, I’m sure that you have to pay around 6000 Yen monthly for your Packets fees. But with Pocket WIFI, you can use WIFI for your Iphone, Nintendo DS, PSP, Laptop, etc…. It can connect up to 5 devices at the same time!

So, the deal is that you don’t use your Iphone’s 3G network at all and using Pocket Wifi for networking. So you can save up to 4200 Yen monthly from your Iphone and pay up 4980 Yen for Pocket Wifi. So you are actually getting Pocket Wifi with only 780 a month!

Lovely. Liked it ^^

Really happy about it now and trying it out for Iphones and PSP now. If you are a person which keep travel outside and need internet connection everywhere you go, Emobile’s Pocket Wifi is definitely your choice. ^^

Results of Speed test and Ping test from Speedtest.net

What ISP (Internet Service Provider) you using now? Still remember having Streamyx back in Malaysia which provided 512Kbps for RM 66(around 2000 yen monthly). ^^

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33 Responses to Emobile’s Pocket Wifi

  1. lkeith89 says:

    ya.. but recently so famous with Broadband especially celc0m Broadband RM50 per month RM200 for the USB modem (looks like penddrive) but with limited 5 GB dowload, if exceeds the speeds will be slower, (although the original speed also sucks… not stable, always disconnect, and i always fail to upload photo using that on wordpress…)

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Hmm…. This deviced need around RM 1400….

      Well, Speed is determined by Coverage of the Phone corporation so can’t do much about it.

  2. Lester Ho says:

    Still expensive to me but then very convenient for people who want to surf net outside home. But still I perfer iPhone 3G more.

  3. CLF says:

    it’ll be damn useful to pair up with my future iTouch hah.
    I’m aiming at the bundled netbooks, need another backup computer.

  4. kesenaitsumi89 says:


  5. holic says:

    I’m a recent e-mobile wifi user as well. I’ve found that I’m still using 3G during times it’s not connected. I wonder if you’ve found the same or my settings are not right.

    It seems when not actively using wi-fi, the signal drops and I must manually push the wi-fi/WPS button to reconnect, sometimes by this time my email has already been downloaded through 3G. I haven’t reached a full month of use yet so am waiting to see if this benefit is as much as you described. We’ll see.
    In any case, the 4 hours battery time is a little short if you’re out and about all day and constantly running the wi-fi.

    Of course, it’s pretty cool having wi-fi wherever you go (in the city limits). Hopefully they’ll improve the device with time.

    If you have any user tips, I’d be glad to hear them.


    • ^^ You have to totally turn off your 3G internet Usage(which require you to Jailbreak you iphone ^.^”)
      The pocket wifi will auto disconnect to your iphone if you stay inactive for 3 minutes I think, But you can change that setting by connect your Pocket wifi to your computer(though it will shorter the battery usage time of your pocket wifi).

      If you not willing to jailbreak your phone, you need to be caution by not letting your Iphone use the 3G network.
      Good luck~

  6. holic says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m still learning on how best to set up the iPhone.

    Wouldn’t turning off the 3G kill the phones function as a ‘phone’. It would not be a smartphone anymore, it would just be a smart ^^

    I wonder if there is a simple way to stop the iphone from sending/retrieving data while not on wi-fi.

  7. Hey there – in case yur interested, i recently published an article regarding 3G vs Wifi and live broadcasting with justin.tv and ustream.tv. http://www.nekomimilisa.com/?p=51 It’s fun to see the difference physically. I recently purchased the device because i could use it with several machines, cut down on my bandwidth bills, and I already had a contract anyways. Meow and cheers! ^^ -nekomimi lisa

  8. jon says:

    hi im from philippines and i have emobile…i would like to ask if you know how to change the languange settings of EM-ONE Sharp,,, Pls reply to my email if you know plss…


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  10. emanibird says:

    is there any pocket wifi than emobile that you don’t have to pay for monthly fees?

  11. Jamiku says:

    I just bought one of these too, and I’m mostly happy with it, but there is one big problem. I’m unable to download anything from filesharing sites – do you have any idea how to fix this? Perhaps it’s a bandwidth issue – what is the bandwidth limit for this device?

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