EJU Result

Today I got my EJU (Examination for Japanese University) results from my Language school, ABK.

The first thing I do when I got it is to open it(WTF…. Don’t blame me for writting somethings silly since most people will PRAY first before open it….) and looked inside of it.

Yeah, I got a Total of 375 out of 400 for my Japanese Language, Ranked about 450 from the total of 20,000 examinees. 103/120 for listening, 118/120 for Listening & Reading, and 154/160 for Reading.

I’m really happy with my own Results like this but on the same time, I think I have to thanks animes and Japanese games to help me improving my Japanese for the past few years.

On the other hand, I only got 55/100 for my Physics, 47/100 for my Chemistry and 99/200 for my math…. CRY. Luckily I had passed my test into my Tokai University or else my teacher tell me that it’s hard to pass good University’s entrance exam with the results like this….

Hmm… Heard that I might get some scholarship with my Japanese language but nothing can be sure yet just now… Will let you all update when I get one.

For all those foreigner whose wish to study in Japan. Work hard and everything will pay off. Studying more in Japanese. It’s hard at first but then when you started to get the hang of it, It’s really fun(cause you can watch unsubbed Animes, Playing Japanese games… Etc…).

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4 Responses to EJU Result

  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol.. happy to see your hard work paid off. congratulation lo. I will work harder too for this semester, because me last semester really get not good result.

  2. Rina says:

    Wow. Congratulation!

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