Earth Hour

Did you closed your Light 1 hour ago? I did. And guess what? I spend that 1 hour sitting in my house’s garden:

  1. Eating peanuts,
  2. Drinking 3 in 1 Instant Coffee ,
  3. Chatting with parents and brother,
  4. Playing with my family hen(Yes, She It provided us lots of free Eggs for the past few months.).

LOL for the 1 hour time. I lived in rural area(or so called : Kampung Area in Malaysia) so their knowledge about the important of The Earth Hour is not enough. Most of my neighbour didn’t turned their light off and some just turned it off for 20 minutes…

Protecting the earth is everyone’s responsibility and I think that everyone should put their heart into this kind of programmes.

Well, Make sure you turned off you light next time.

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