Dolfie Dream Hatsune Miku


Hatsune Miku!!

The Dream collaboration between Dolfie Dream and Hatsune Miku! I first saw this Dolfie Dream Miku at Akihabara’s Hobby Store. I was really Stunned with the details when I saw they displaying it at the store.


Senbonzakura(千本桜) Outfit is available too!

They are only pre-ordering it now and will only be available around fall 2014. The tricky part of it is that, you HAVE to pre-order it now or you won’t have chance to buy it when It’s available!!! >.<


The staff of the store commenting on the details of Miku’s body.

At first I was confused… whether to place my pre-order or not… But after two whole day of consideration, I decided to pre-order 1 set of it (1 Miku body with normal outfit, and 1 set of Senbonzakura Outfit). Guess what. The original Outfit and Miku body Costed around 64,000 Yen! The Senbonzakura Outfit costed around 16,800 Yen too!!


The photo book for preview on what kind of photos you can archive.

Luckily you can pay only 10% of the money which is around 6,000 yen now to place the order. Then you will have to save up your money and wait for fall 2014. When the stock is ready to delivered, you have to pay up all the remaining fees to get it.


Great Boot-styled Geta.

I admit that I really fall for it when I saw the advertisement where Miku just sit on your desk besides your PC… >.< awww. I will leave you guys with the photos I taken during last week when photos taking is Okay.







Okay… Just in case you wonder what is under her skirt…. (isn’t that Obviously?) It’s her PANTSU!

You can also check out my Harmonica Videos on Senbonzakura here:

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