DJMAX The IdolMaster Edition

Today I found out about this Video at Nico Nico Douga’s site and think it’s really deserved a post. I’m a DJMAX fans personally since 2006. Had been playing at DJMAX Japan Server for 1 years and then stopped for a while since the server is closed down.

Then I continued to play DJMAX after I own my PSP since last year. Nothing much to say, but it’s definitely a great fan-made Video. Hope The maker of DJMAX, Pentavision saw this video too.

since I can’t post the Nico Video at this page, I searched the Youtube version of it and put it up here.

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4 Responses to DJMAX The IdolMaster Edition

  1. CLF says:

    the song in 2nd video is nice! esp the Angelic Tears! techno yeah!

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